Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Pool

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When you run a business that has a commercial pool, you’re bound to spend a lot of time thinking about the most effective ways to keep your swimming pool surfaces safe for your patrons. A single injury or illness caused by improper maintenance can severely harm your business, especially if it happens during a busy time of the day.

Luckily, maintaining your pool can be a simple task if you follow a few key steps. To ensure your pool business can run smoothly and your customers have a positive experience, follow these maintenance tips:

Make Sure Your Equipment is Cared For

“Pool equipment” falls into two main categories: the tools you use to keep the pool clean and the tools you install, like railings and ladders. Both types require some maintenance to provide the best possible service to your business.

In the case of pool cleaning tools, you should always be sure to inspect and replace the different components regularly. Parts like your tubing and filtration system need to be examined periodically to ensure debris isn’t collecting and clogging the system. Plus, an inspection is a perfect time to check and see if the system needs to be repaired or if certain parts need to be replaced so that you can continue to keep your swimmers safe.

The second category of equipment is a little more straightforward in terms of maintenance. It requires you to look at ladders, railings, and other fixtures that your customers regularly use for signs of dirt, rust, or other issues that need to be addressed. Typically, it just requires you to polish, wax, and reseal the equipment to keep your pool looking its best.

Make Sure You Use the Right Chemicals

It’s tempting to cut corners when it comes to pool chemicals, but the reality is that they can cause serious injury to your customers if you try to save money. Making sure you use the right chemicals can help keep your pool disease-free.

If you have trouble maintaining the proper level of chemicals for your pool, consider investing in a chemical automation system to conserve time and maintain appropriate swimmer safety.

Clean the Pool

Once you’re sure of the pool chemical levels and have checked the equipment to help keep the pool operating at its best, it’s crucial to clean the pool as part of your maintenance regimen. Regularly performing tasks like scrubbing the walls, vacuuming the surfaces, and performing other kinds of general maintenance will help keep your pool looking great and keep your customers coming back.

To learn more maintenance tips for your commercial pool, or to find out about what kinds of pool finishes are available to upgrade your maintenance regimen, call the ecoFINISH team today!