Why Resurface a Commercial Pool Before the Reopening for Memorial Day Weekend?

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commercial pool newly resurfaced with ecoFINISH

Memorial Day is just around the corner. Is your commercial pool ready for swimmers? Summer is almost upon us, and the official kickoff to summer — Memorial Day — is your chance to put your best foot forward with your pool’s patrons. Resurfacing your commercial pool prior to opening for business for the summer is a smart idea. Read on to find out how new pool finishes can make a big impression on swimmers.

Resurfacing Gives Your Pool a Fresh Face

Seasonal patrons will really notice the difference that resurfacing has on your pool. Resurfacing gives you a chance to replace previous plaster or paint with a new finish, giving it a rejuvenated look that will last for years into the future.

A Cleaner Look for Your Pool

When swimming pool surfaces are shiny, clear, and clean, they look their best — and that means they attract more patrons to come, swim, and return again and again for more swimming. If your pool’s existing surface is foggy or dull, it can look old and unkempt. Going for a new finish with a product such as polyFIBRO® gives your pool a sparkling new look your business can be proud of.

Resurfacing Removes Unsightly Scratches and Stains

Nothing detracts from the look of a pool or shows its age faster than scratches and stains. But if you have a high volume of patrons, stains and scratches are inevitable. Resurfacing gives your commercial pool a new finish that hides any stains, tears, etches, and other unsightly damage, so it looks newer and cleaner.

Fewer pH Level Headaches

Struggling to balance chlorine and pH levels can be frustrating, especially as the pool gets dirtier. When you opt for a new finish through resurfacing, you can bid farewell to continual pH checks and expensive replacements and renovation work. This is particularly true if you choose ecoFINISH’s aquaBRIGHT™ for your resurfacing job.

Put An End to Certain Leaks

If you’re tired of playing the refill game with your pool, then resurfacing can be your answer to lower monthly water bills. A full resurfacing of your commercial pool can ensure that your pool doesn’t lose water (and you save time on refilling it too).

Reach out to your local commercial pool resurfacer to request ecoFINISH® resurfacing before the Memorial Day rush.