Cristalline Piscine, aquaBRIGHT featured in France’s L’Annuaire de la Piscine

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Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Nice, the young company diffuse with increasing success a newcomer projected thermoplastic coating from the USA.

The young team at Cristalline Piscine was interested in more sealing coatings for use in the pool. At the implementation or use, all (previous coatings) had weaknesses or imperfections. 
When they were interested in aquaBRIGHT, they found that the product met their expectations, and contacted the ecoFINISH company, product designer in the (Warminster, PA), to offer them (distribution) in France.

The product is provided in the form of a thermoplastic powder and projected directly onto the pool surface by a pneumatic machine, especially designed for this technology. The machine produces a controlled flame and melts the thermoplastic powder aquaBRIGHT before it clings to the surface. The thermal spray technology has existed for more than 100 years in the industrial world, but ecoFINISH was the first to adapt it to swimming pools. Many years of studies and tests were needed, but the process has been developed and commercialized and now enjoys a rebirth of nearly 15 years in the United States.

Drying is instantaneous and gives the carrier a smooth and durable finish over time. The finished product has a thickness of about 2 mm and is characterized by a resistance to chemicals, UV, and cracking, thanks to its thermoplastic polymer properties. Moreover, it does not change the pH of the water.

It also works well in construction and renovation, thanks to its adhesion to multiple substrates such as concrete, polyester, sand-marbreux … this makes it particularly suitable for renovation.

Many colors are available that draw from the palette of blues, grays, beige and white, and they are also customizable.

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