Blog Spotlight: What is ecoDUSTRIAL™?

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Preserving the integrity of infrastructure and industrial projects requires a coating that’s just as exceptional as the tanks, turbines, and pipes they have, and ecoFINISH’s ecoDUSTRIAL industrial coatings fill the bill. Designed to protect industrial-grade projects or factory and warehouse floors, ecoDUSTRIAL improves upon traditional epoxy and paint finishes by combining a corrosion-resistant formulation with fast, easy installation and maintenance.

Exceptionally Protective Finish

Made with thermoplastic polymeric powder, ecoDUSTRIAL industrial finishes resist corrosion in tough environments, including areas with high UV exposure and harsh weather. These finishes maintain durability over time without cracking, peeling, chalking, or chipping, and they also stay somewhat flexible when temperatures dip for added protection. Additionally, ecoDUSTRIAL is durable enough to easily withstand frequent pressure washing for fuss-free cleanup. If your project requires extra protection, ecoFINISH offers three industrial coating products to suit specific needs, including:

  • ecoDUSTRIAL smooth traditional finish
  • ecoDUSTRIAL abrasive non skid finish
  • ecoDUSTRIAL with BioCote, an antimicrobial additive

Quick to Install on Mostly Any Surface

Installing ecoDUSTRIAL thermoplastic polymeric powder coatings is simple with ecoFINISH’s thermal flame spray process. This patented process lets you cover large, small, and irregular surfaces equally well, enabling you to finish up to 800 square feet per hour, and it cures virtually instantly, allowing you to deploy protected equipment immediately. Additionally, the process is extremely portable, thus eliminating logistics concerns when you need fast industrial coating solutions.

Environmentally Responsible Protection

Feel good about using ecoFINISH’s ecoDUSTRIAL industrial coatings thanks to the environmentally responsible protection they provide. Our superior powder coating holds up to wear, chemicals, and exposure for years to reduce replacement needs, and it delivers a pH-neutral surface that’s nonreactive, so it doesn’t contaminate what it touches. For added peace of mind, ecoDUSTRIAL has the NSF/ANSI 61 Potable Water Safe Certification, making it a great choice for use in facilities that prepare and pack food.

The industrial finishes you use in your project and facility matter, especially when they’re used to protect key equipment or infrastructure. To learn more about how ecoFINISH’s thermoplastic polymeric powder coatings can help, visit our ecoDUSTRIAL coatings page and contact us for a quote.