Blog Spotlight: Here’s a Brief Glimpse of polyFIBRO®

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Satisfaction with a pool runs deeper than its basic function. However, making the way it looks and how simple it is to maintain for your customers are vitally important, whether you’re revamping an existing fiberglass pool or building a new one. Fortunately, polyFIBRO coatings help with either endeavor, allowing precision customization and reducing maintenance requirements.

Less Downtime, More Durability

After a polyFIBRO coat is added to a fiberglass pool, it can be filled immediately, eliminating floating and lifting concerns that arise when it would otherwise have to be kept empty for weeks while gel-coat cures. Our polyFIBRO coating also thrives where gel-coat fails in terms of durability, resisting chipping, blistering, flaking, chalking, and peeling. Further resistance to chemicals, stains, and fading also helps fiberglass pools coated with polyFIBRO retain beauty overtime for a gorgeous outdoor landscape.

Versatile Finish Colors

No matter the hues of your customer’s home or outdoor decor, polyFIBRO coating has colors to match it. Mix and match dark and light hues to create a beautiful contrast between the pool steps, waterslide, and liner, or choose a neutral shade throughout to create a sense of natural balance in the outdoor space. Suitable for both above and below the waterline, polyFIBRO offers a pH-neutral surface to help the colors stay bright over time.

Safe and Easy to Repair

Our polyFIBRO aquatic coating has a soft yet textured feel underfoot for comfortable use and to reduce accident risks while your customers enjoy their pool. Made from thermo-polymer materials that meet NSF/ANSI 61 potable water standards, polyFIBRO proves an eco-friendly home and commercial pool resurfacing option both due to its formulation and its long-lasting durability. For added quality assurance, polyFIBRO aquatic coatings include a 10-year warranty.

This innovative ecoFINISH coating combines function with fashion to create a safe, comfortable way to improve your customer’s fiberglass pool while taking the look of their property up a notch. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative product!