3 Reasons to Consider Resurfacing Your Swimming Pool

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If you own a swimming pool, then you already understand it takes diligence to keep it clean and inviting. Your swimming pool is an investment, so why not treat it right? With just a little maintenance, your pool will look great, just in time for swimming season.


Spring is the perfect time to consider a swimming pool resurfacing project for your pool because the weather is favorable and the pool isn’t open yet. At ecoFINISH®, we have three good reasons why a swimming pool coating might be the best spring treatment you can give your pool.



  1. Erosion on pool surface

Even the highest quality pool resurfacing materials don’t last forever. If you begin noticing signs of erosion on your pool’s surface, then you might want to consider a resurfacing project. A quality resurfacing project will ensure that your pool remains safe and beautiful for years to come.


A few tell-tale signs of surface erosion include white, chalky substances on your skin after rubbing the pool, or cloudy water before and after swimming. Visible tears on the swimming pool liner or visible cracks are also good indicators of surface erosion.



  1. Timing

If you’re worried that you’ll miss out on key swimming time because of resurfacing, think again. You can actually get the most out of your swimming pool by scheduling a resurfacing project for the spring.

It still isn’t quite warm enough to take the plunge in April or even in May, so why not use that time to get your pool resurfaced, instead? By taking advantage of the opportunity to complete this work in the spring, you’ll ensure a superior swimming environment just in time for those dog days of summer.



  1. Stains in the pool

Pools are prone to discoloration over time. Sometimes this happens because of normal wear and tear. Other times, it’s the result of chemicals and minerals in the water. Sometimes it happens because of leaves and lawn debris. And often, it’s a combination of all of these.


Stains in your swimming pool make it look unwelcoming, and they can even mask the signs of corrosion. In rare instances, these stains can even hide more serious issues, such as leaks or algae. By treating pool stains appropriately through resurfacing, you can get your personal water oasis looking great in no time.


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