How to Know if Your Commercial Pool Needs Recoating

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Commercial pools are placed in business settings and are used by a diverse range of guests. In this light, keeping your commercial pool in peak condition ensures your clients enjoy using it and keep coming back. However, after years of use, your pool’s surface coating can become stained, worn, cracked, etc., making the pool lose its appeal. When your pool surface starts to look worn, then it is time to do a commercial pool recoat.

In this post, we will shed light on some of the telltale signs that your commercial pool needs recoating.

Rough Texture

If your guests have complained of rough spots at the bottom of the pool or you have noticed them during your inspections, then you should consider pool resurfacing. These spots are not only unsightly to guests but are also safety hazards, especially for kids. To even out these rough patches, have a professional contractor perform the necessary repairs before applying one of the following ecoFINISH pool finishes to help restore your commercial pool to peak condition. These are:

  • polyFIBRO: polyFIBRO is ideal for fiberglass swimming pools and is specially formulated to address the issues of traditional gel-coat finishes.
  • aquaBRIGHT: aquaBRIGHT is specially designed for concrete pools and helps swimming pool builders steer clear of plaster problems such as staining, shrinking, and surface cracking.


Stains are the most obvious signs that your pool may need resurfacing, especially if the stains don’t wipe off. In addition, stains mask other vile issues such as algae and minor cracks, which are safety hazards to your guests. While a thorough wash can take care of most stains, a pool recoat will help restore it to its original charm and allure.

In a nutshell, swimming pool surfaces should be recoated whenever they begin to look worn down to maintain the pool’s structural integrity. Using high-quality pool finishes from ecoFINISH can give you peace of mind that your commercial pool will look brand-new for years to come! 

ecoFINISH is a trailblazer in manufacturing efficient polymer coatings for commercial pools. Our aquatic coatings are specifically tailored to suit a range of pool surfaces, such as concrete and fiberglass. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our aquatic coating solutions!